Murder Was the Case is a 1994 short film and soundtrack album starring Snoop Doggy Dogg. The 18 minute film was directed by Dr. Dre and Fab Five Freddy and chronicles the fictional death of Snoop Dogg and his resurrection after making a deal with the Devil. The album topped the Billboard 200 on the number one spot on November 5, 1994 with 329,000 one week sales as well as on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop albums chart. The following week it stayed on top with 197,000 copies sold and was certified Gold. The album is certified 2x platinum with 2,030,000 copies sold. The single "What Would You Do" was included on the Natural Born Killers soundtrack and was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group in the 38th Annual Grammy Awards in 1996. The album was re-released with a bonus DVD containing 3 music videos on July 11, 2006. Tupac Shakur was paid $200,000 dollars by Death Row Records owner Suge Knight to record a track for the album. The track was recorded but it was not used on the official soundtrack release. The rumored recording is debated between the song "Pain" which was later used for the Above The Rim soundtrack, "High Til I Die Interscope Version", which was later re-recorded for the Sunset Park album while 2Pac was on Death Row Records, and the Unreleased Version Of R U Still Down. R U Still Down is similar to the version that was released on the 1997 2Pac album "R U Still Down". However, the song has a different beat, unreleased first verse, female chorus, and has re-recorded second and third verses that are similar to verses 1-2 on the R U Still Down album version.

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